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Parents are like precious stones


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Being a parent has many facets or faces like a precious stone. As stones are viewed from many angles, so also parenting has many facets.

Based on what parents in my groups said and on my training and experience, I suggest you first study why children behave the way they do, then explore your goals as a parent. Another essential inquiry is into the many meanings of communicating and listening. Building on that foundation explore discipline and the most vital form of discipline — cause and effect. Use links to follow your interests and questions.

Parents in my groups found three skills helpful — explore alternatives, I-messages, and who “owns” a problem. Additional interests of parents are at the bottom of this screen.

Synergistic Parenting is not meant to provide therapy for individual problems, such as depression or addiction, for that please consult a therapist who will work with your family on your specific needs. 

Explore alone or with others
If you work alone, I suggest you keep a note book to write your feelings and thoughts, or use your computer to copy parts that you want to remember and to add your notes.

If you work with others — partners in parenting or friends — compare your thoughts and feelings. And you may benefit from keeping notes either with a pen or computer.

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