Topics in the dance of living


Abba-God: who is he/she/it?
Apocalyptic literature: book of Revelation
Bible-translation chart
Bonhoeffer about religious people and humans
Exclusivist religions
General rules of the Methodists
How can a Good God allow suffering; what do we do about suffering?

Is it in Me or a Bottle?
"Kingdom of God" or "kingdom of heaven"
Left-behind series of fiction
Life and death
Meaning of sin
Meditating and our individuality
Moccasins, or God really becomes one of us
Modern creeds suggested
Occupied people: Jesus and Paul
Royal rule: the "kingdom of God/heaven"
Sin is what???
"Stoles project" about gay and lesbian clergy who are effective
Think and let think
Troupe or team and the church
Women in Christianity
Yokes: what they were and what they mean now