Prepared by John F. Yeaman for Seminar Quiet Victory


The Submarine Campaign as a Whole

  • Blair, Clay, Jr.: Silent Victory: The U. S. Submarine War Against Japan, 2 vols. Thorough, readable history of the American campaign, frank about intelligence and problems.
  • DeRose, James F.: Unrestricted Warfare: the new breed of officers that led the submarine force. A recent book limited to Morton and those who worked with him.
  • Padfield, Peter: War Beneath the Sea: Submarine Conflict During World War II. Tells the submarine campaigns of Britain, Germany, and the U.S. from a British view.
  • Holmes, W. J.: Underseas Victory. Excellent history of American submarine campaign. Holmes was a codebreaker, but couldn’t write about it.
  • Friedman, Norman: U.S. Submarines Through 1945. thorough on technical design and details from first submarines through WW II fleet subs.
  • Meigs, Montgomery: Slide Rules and Submarines. Scientists help both anti-sub in Atlantic and our subs in Pacific
  • Roscoe, Theodore: United States Submarine Operations in World War II. Official work with little about problems.

Individual Submarines or Actions

  • Barrows, Nat: Blow All Ballast: Story of the Squalus by a reporter who covered the events.
  • Beach, Edward: Submarine! Tells vividly about several submarines, especially Trigger, Tirante, and Piper on which he served.
  • Blair, Joan and Clay: Return from the River Kwai. Thorough and readable about the sinking of POW ships, intelligence, rescue of some survivors, then reunion decades later.
  • Calvert, James E.: Silent Running: My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine. The Jack and Haddo.
  • Cline, Rick: Final Dive: The Submarine Grayback
  • Conner, Claud: Nothing Friendly in the Vicinity: Guardfish.
  • Fluckey, Eugene: Thunder Below. The Barb by a skipper.
  • Galatin, Ignatius: Take Her Deep The Halibut. by a skipper, including vividly of narrow escape.
  • Grider, George, and Lytel Sims: War Fish The Wahoo and Flasher.
  • Lockwood, Charles: Hellcats of the Sea on penetrating mine fields to Japan's Inland Sea;
  • Michno, Gregory: U.S.S. Pampanito: Killer-Angel. Emphasis on and details of enlisted men.
  • O’Kane, Richard: Clear the Bridge: The War Patrols of the U. S. S. Tang.
  • O’Kane, Richard: Wahoo: The Patrols of America’s Most Famous World War II Sub.
  • Schratz, Paul: Submarine Commander The Mackerel, Scorpion, Sterlet
  • Sterling, Forest: Wake of the Wahoo. Her Yeoman to the last patrol, recently reprinted, is excellent for the enlisted man's viewpoint.
  • La VO, Carl: Back From the Deep: The Story of the Sister Subs Squalus and Sculpin.

Biographies of pioneers

  • Lockwood, Charles: Down to the Sea in Subs is his autobiography.
  • Maas, Peter: The Terrible Hours: life of Swede Momsen including Squalus rescue and design of the radical Albacore.


  • Holmes, W. J.: Double-Edged Secrets: U. S. Naval Intelligence Operations in the Pacific During World War II. Balanced and human interest.
  • Layton, Edwin: And I Was There: Pearl Harbor and Midway: Breaking the Secrets. More about background and the early part of World War II and less about submarines.
  • Lewin, Ronald: American Magic, The: Codes, Ciphers, and the Defeat of Japan.

The Naval War: submarine, surface, and air

  • Boyne, Walter: Clash of Titans. Good summary of naval operations of WW II of all nations with human interest. British author.
  • Morrison, Samuel: Two Ocean War, The. Sweeping story in 1 vol. of U.S. naval operations that summarizes next set of volumes.
  • Morrison, Samuel: History of U. S. Naval Operations in World War II, fifteen volumes. Detailed and thorough though less about intelligence, because he was restricted from telling what he knew. Many volumes include a chapter on submarine operations.

The German Campaign

  • Doenitz, Karl: Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days. Interesting insights

The Cold War

  • Sontag, Sherry et al: Blind Man’s Bluff: Submarine Espionage. Cold War submarine actions that began soon after World War II, including the loss of the Scorpion and finding her hulk, and daring exploits of many fast attack nuclear submarines, crews, and spooks.
  • Craven, John Piña: The Silent War: The Cold War Battle Beneath the Sea. Craven led in developing Polaris, solving nuclear sub problems, finding the sunken Scorpion, and other pioneer efforts.
  • Karam, Andrew, PhD: Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet. Karam was a nuke enlisted man then specialist on U.S.S. Plunger for six years; he combined those experiences into one patrol near the U.S.S.R.
  • Sewell, Kenneth with Clint Richmond: Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S. Amazing, true narrative of attempt at nuclear attack on Pearl Harbor March 7, 1968, by rogue crewmen of K-129 and resulting search by Halibut and Project Jennifer.
  • Weir, Gary E & Boyne, Walter: Rising Tide: Untold Story of the Russian Submarines that Fought the Cold War. Tells the Russian side of the conflicts in Blind Man's Bluff.