U. S. Submarines in World War II

Severely damaged and barely escaped

Sequenced by the date submarine was damaged

Submarine When Where What happened
Gudgeon 19-Jan-43 Phillipines Aggressive escort, close depth charges dished in hull, 3 days to repair equipment
Gurnard 20-Aug-43 Yellow Sea 2 bombs exploded under, electricity out, lost depth control, recovered.
Bowfin 26-Nov-43 Indo China During surface action a shell hit air induction to flood engine room, repaired on surface.
Scamp 31-Mar-44 Marianas Aircraft out of sun, dove, bomb very close as she dove, lost depth control, recovered.
Sandlance 3-Jul-44 Celebes Sea 2 air bombs just below as dove, thrown upward, lost depth control, recovered. Eight months of navy yard work were required before returned to combat.
Salmon 30-Oct-44 Empire Area Sank far too deep under constant attack, surfaced for gun battle, escaped into rain squall.
Halibut* 14-Nov-44 Formosa Str Severe depth charge at max depth from M.A.D. equipped aircraft and escorts; radio wrecked, internal damage, day to repair.
Bergall 13-Dec-44 Indo China Shell made large hole in pressure hull above waterline, returned to base 1,000 miles on the surface
Dragonet 15-Dec-44 Matsuwa Aground while submerged flooded forward torpedo room, blew sea out, surfaced
Redfish* 19-Dec-44 Empire Area Severe depth charge attack, 2 very close beside bow, damaged much machinery
Barbero* 27-Dec-44 Indo China Air bombs hit, dove, severe damage
Greenling* 25-Jan-45 Okinawa

4 escorts boxed her, severe persistent depth charge attack, forced too deep

Seahorse Apr 45 Off Honshu 2 escorts severely depth charged, forced into mud on bottom, machinery wrecked. Difficult to get out of mud, then three days to repair enough to return to base

*So damaged, the submarine was retired from combat.

Submarine lost, but crew saved:

Sub. When Where What happened
S-36 15-Jan-42 Makassar Str Aground, hole in pressure hull
S-27 19-Jun-42 Alaska Aground, crew ashore to wait, none injured, picked up
S-39 8-Aug-42 Solomons Aground, lost, crew saved by allied ship
Darter 23-Oct-44 Phillipines Aground while surface night attack on battleships & heavy cruisers opening Battle of Leyte Gulf. All of crew transferred to pack-mate Dace.

NOTE: Most of these submarines when able to surface radioed their problems, and Adm. Lockwood ordered nearby submarines to assist or rescue crew.

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