Hunley first submarine to successfully sink enemy ship

The Confederate submarine Hunley was known as the killing machine, because it had sunk three times while crew tried to learn how to dive and control it. Most of the crew had died in all attempts.

This painting was commissioned by the Friends of the Hunley after the long sunken submarine was raised and was being cleaned by marine archaeologists. Now that the Hunley can be studied, and much is being learned about it and the final crew who also died in it, the Künstler painting can show the Hunley accurately as it prepared for its final mission. The Hunley sank the Union ship Housatonic in Charleston harbor, but the Hunley also sank before it could return to its base.

Hunley p;repares for last mission

Marine archaeologists are trying to determine why the Hunley sank with the loss of its entire crew. For more information go to

The Hunley is 40 feet long and was modified from a boiler, which means the hull was made to resist the pressure of steam inside, so could be expected to resist the pressure of the sea. It apparently traveled barely underwater with the forward hatch raised area above the surface so the skipper could see through small glass windows to steer and direct the attack .