Life and heat in the Galápagos and Atlantic Rifts

Amazing life forms were found in the Galápagos rift at depths of 7,000 to 8,000 feet by exploration submarines such as the Alvin from Woods Hole and more recently with Remove Operated Vehicles (ROVs) that are like controllable sleds, mounting cameras, arms to get samples, and places to put samples for the trip to the surface.

Go to this site to see short movie clips taken in the Galapagos rift.

Here is a still picture taken in the first expedition to that rift.

In the Atlantic rift an exploration by the French and Americans found chimneys several feet tall belching dark clouds like those on land that were from the heat of the magna below the earth's crust. In one place the temperature was hot enough to melt lead, so was a danger to the Alvin from Woods Hole that was doing that particular exploration. When they realized the temperature they backed away because that temperature threatened their safety in Alvin.