Experiment of American Religious Liberty, SAGE seminar, Winter 2002
John F. Yeaman, Seminar Director



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Writings: of Jefferson & Madison

  • Peterson, Merrill D., Editor: Portable Thomas Jefferson, The (The Viking Portable Library) Documents, papers and letters written by Jefferson over his lifetime, with brief introductory notes. Almost the same material is available in hard cover in Thomas Jefferson: Writings, Edited by Merrill D. Peterson (The Library of America).
  • Rakove, Jack N., Editor: Madison: Writings. (The Library of America) Contains 197 essays, addresses, private memos, and letters written by Madison over his lifetime, including his contributions to The Federalist

.Studies of church and state and biographies

  • Alley, Robert S., Editor: James Madison on Religious Liberty. Chapters on many facets of religious freedom written by leading authors. Some major Madison writings begin the book.. This book commemorates the 200th anniversary of Madison’s writing his Memorial and Remonstrance.
  • Bainton, Roland H.: Travail of Religious Liberty, The. A church historian’s summary of people and events of the Reformation and Enlightenment.
  • Boorstin, Daniel J.: Lost World of Thomas Jefferson, The. Jefferson and his circle of colleagues in science, agriculture, philosophy, and other interests.
  • Cunningham, Noble E., Jr.: In Pursuit of Reason: the Life of Thomas Jefferson. One of the better one volume biographies of a complex person.
  • Eck, Diana L.: A New Religious America; a "Christian country" became the world's most religiously diverse nation and the bridge building required.
  • Levy, Leonard W.: Origins of the Bill of Rights. Thorough study of the development of thoughts and words of the Bill of Rights.
  • Noonan, John T., Jr.: Lustre of our Country, The. A retired Federal judge’s review of the history of religious freedom from colonial times to Supreme Court decisions. He reflects on his Catholicism and the meaning of religious freedom for him.
  • Wills, Garry: Inventing America. Study of the Declaration of Independence as revised by Congress so a political writing, as written by Jefferson a moral and scientific work, and from our perspective as symbolic.


  • Stokes, Anson Phelps: Church and State in the United States, 3 volumes. Thorough.

Heavy Reading

  • Locke, John: Letter Concerning Toleration. Great Books in Philosophy Series.
  • Locke, John: Two Treatises of Government (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought). Edited by Peter Laslett.
  • Locke, John: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Annotated by Alexander Fraser. 2 volumes.
  • Paine, Thomas: Common Sense issued in January 1776, The Rights of Man dedicated to George Washington published in London in February, 1791. Both plus other writings collected by Philip Foner: Life and Major Writings of Thomas Paine.
  • Williams, Roger: The Bloudy Tenant of Persecution. Out of print; available in libraries.