Content of Marcia Angell, M.D. The Truth About the Drug Companies


Introduction: Drugs Are Different          
 1. The $200 Billion Colossus             
 2. The Creation of a New Drug           
 3. How Much Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Really Spend on R & D?            
 4. Just How Innovative Is This Industry?           
 5. "Me-Too" Drugs—The Main Business of the Pharmaceutical Industry           
 6. How Good Are New Drugs?          
 7. The Hard Sell … Lures, Bribes, and Kickbacks          
 8. Marketing Masquerading as Education         
 9. Marketing Masquerading as Research         
10. Patent Games—Stretching Out Monopolies          
11. Buying Influence—How the Industry Makes Sure It Gets Its Way           
12. Is the Party Over?           
13. How to Save the Pharmaceutical Industry—And Get Our Money's Worth 

Chapter 13 builds on the hard reporting of earlier chapters, and has several specific steps that will make pharmaceuticals far more effective; for me the most interesting was testing new drugs against placebos as done at present but also against other similar drugs to find relative values and dangers.

Marcia Angell is a practicing physician and former executive editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and a lecturer on social medicine at a medical school.