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February-March 2008


As Sick As It Gets: A diagnosis and treatment plan by Rudolph Mueller, M.D. Dr. Mueller is a physician in New York State who shares examples from his practice and data tables about American health care; he discusses the three different models in industrial countries of universal health care and their advantages and problems.

The Health Care Mess: How we got into it and what it will take to get out by Julius B. Richmond, M.D., and Rashi Fein, Ph.D. Forward by Jimmy Carter. One author is a former U.S. Surgeon General and together they analyze the economics and history of American health care and possibilities for the future.

The Truth About the Drug Companies by Marcia Angell who is a Senior Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is a physician and former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine. Readable and thorough probing into pharmaceutical problems, dangers, and suggestions for reforms. Must reading about pharma!

Can We Say No? The challenge of rationing health care by Henry J. Aaron and William B. Schartz with Melissa Cox. This book from the Brooking Institution think tank discusses the facts and realities of rationing health care.

On the web

Michael Moore's documentary Sicko from video stores or buy it for as little as $9.99; see his web site for later information.

Bill Moyers' interview of Wendell Potter, retired PR Vice-President of CIGNA about the insurance industry; midway he talks of their work to discredit the above documentary, Sicko.

Andy Grove article and interview, Wired Magazine:

State Health Facts with Kaiser Family Foundation has a wide variety of information about each state and here is the data about Texas. Each state at:

Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs includes pages on safety and usage information on thousands of drugs. If that link does not work copy this into your brower address box:

Australian Medicare system improved on the Canadian medicare plan; at that link check their PBS (prescription benefit system) and other links.

The Economic Policy Institute, a non-partisan research and think tank has proposed a "Health Plan for America" that is a comprehensive plan carefully thought out; the download is a 56 page pdf file.


Google different health care issues to find analyses by responsible authorities and to find data about the quality of health care.


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