The Wright's Model A of 1907


This is the Wright's Model A built from 1907 until 1909. It is moving from the right to the left. This was the first Wright craft in which the pilot sat instead of lying prone. Space was provided for two people.

This along with all early Wright craft was inherently unstable, because the elevators were so far forward ahead of the rest of the craft — called canards. In the Model A the canard was further forward than in earlier Wright aircraft.

The Wrights did this in hopes of preventing stalls such as killed the German glider pioneer, Otto Lilienthal. The unplanned result was that the center of gravity, or center of the weight of the craft, was near the pilot and engine, while the center of lift due to the canard was forward of the center of gravity. Modern aircraft are usually designed to have the center of gravity and center of lift as close together as possible. A well designed craft can often fly relatively level with little touch of the controls.

A web site shows many Wright models and the evolution of their aircraft.