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Theory of Flight:
Wright Flyers 1903–1916: one-third down the screen below 2d propeller click "Wright Airplanes."
Historic Aircraft:
Space Flight Gallery:
Air Force Museum: - has pages of photos and data on many historic aircraft.
National Museum of Naval Aviation:
RAF Museum:
Legends of Airpower:
Aviation History On-Line Museum:
Early Aircraft Engines: Aero4.htm
Animation and info about rotary engines:
War Aircraft History and Info:
Arlington Site for Jimmy Doolittle:
Glenn Curtiss site:
Official Amelia Earhart Web site:
Leonardo da Vinci: history7.htm
Commercial flight:
Unmanned Aircraft developments:
Design a parachute (for Mars landing but similar for earth): below the parachute picture click "Launch interactive."
Paper airplanes: is one of many sites.

Strategic Bombing Survey carefully evaluated the effects of strategic bombing and other weapons. This assessment by the U.S. has valuable information and data although some better data has surfaced since. Summaries of European Theater and Pacific War: is of Pacific war and /ussbs02.htm is of European theatre.

Searches, for example, with for names of aircraft, people, and other terms will provide information.

Web site URLs change often enough that some of these may not work; if so, use search engines to find them.

  • Flight: 100 Years of Aviation by R. G. Grant published by Smithsonian Institution, 2002. This "coffee table book" has a wealth of information and graphics. My copy cost $35 from while locally it was $50.
  • Taking Flight by Richard P. Hollion, Oxford, 2003. Goes through World War I and a chapter on 9/11 effects on aircraft, operations, and security.
  • Military Propeller Aircraft Guide: from 1914 to the present edited by David Donald. Specifications. information, and pictures of each selected.
  • Concise Guide to American Aircraft of World War II by David Mondey. Specifications, information, pictures of over 120 aircraft.
  • Concise Guide to British Aircraft of World War II by David Mondey. Specifications, information, pictures of over 120 British aircraft.
  • Airman's Oddesey by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Experiences of early pilot Saint-Exupery whose plane disappeared in 1944.
  • I Could Never Be So Lucky Again: an Autobiography by Carroll Glives and James Doolittle; the life of Jimmy Doolittle who pioneered early aviation advances, an early doctorate in aeronautical engineering, and led the first Tokyo bombers.
  • Yeager: an Autobiography by Gen. Chuck Yeager and Leo Janos; the life of Chuck Yeaker, an ace in WW II, test pilot was first to break sound barrier, and varied life afterwards as an Air Force Officer.
  • Destination Disaster: From the Tri-Motor to the DC-10: The Risk of Flying by Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter, Bruce Page, 1976. Thorough study including safety records of airlines and aircraft active at that time.