Submarine Web Sites

Primarily American Submarines created fall 2002; see note at end

General Web Sites (URLs) - British submarine museum - Official site for restoration of Civil War submarine Hunley - Links to many Naval ships and submarines - Official history of U. S. Navy home page - Naval history FAQs from Revolutionary War to now - U.S. Naval Institute - Current rescue capabilities, including DSRVs - Links to sub accidents and losses from the earliest. - U.S. Naval Institute Photo Collection - Sub force pictures & text - Lists submarine memorials: restored subs and others. - Torpedo Junction Military Books - All U.S. submarines from no. 1, many with pictures and information - W. W. II submarines - Torpedo Data Computer info and picture - Picture of American code machine. - Torpedo troubles

Individual submarines URLs alphabetically by submarine name - The S-Boats built in the 1920s some of which fought in WW II. - Batfish - Becuna - photo tour of Becuna - Blueback - Bowfin Submarine Museum - Cavalla - Clamagore - Cobia - Cod - Includes movie tour of interior. - Drum - Text only history and patrols of Gar. - Ling - Pampanito - Photo album Queenfish - Requin - Silversides - Wahoo National Historic Landmark - Sinking of Wahoo translated from Japanese battle report and a peace memorial near site.

If some of these URLs are not active, you may use search engines to find current sites with the same or similar information.