Web sites to learn about poverty

Seminar Senior University 05, QUEST Spring 06

Poverty myths and tragic truths


Poverty 101 from the Center of Public Policy Priorities in Austin is an excellent resource; if that link does not work, copy this into your brower: http://www.cppp.org/files/8/BRP%20Pov101%20Jan%2008.pdf

Sojourners publishes a discussion guide of 54 pages called Christians and Poverty, if that link does not work copy this into your browser: www.sojo.net/resources/ discussion_guides/DG_poverty_toc.pdf

"Basic Family Budget Calculator" from Economic Policy Institute:

  1. http://www.epi.org/content.cfm/datazone_fambud_budget ... to calculate hourly wage divide monthly total by 173.333.


  1. http://www.cppp.org/ ... Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin; good research published on web and print.
  2. http://www.cppp.org/kidscount/ ... Project focuses on Texas children


  1. http://www.austinfoodbank.org/ ... Capital Area Food Bank
  2. http://www.caction.org/ ... Austin Community Action Network
  3. http://www.housing-rights.org/ . . . Austin Tenant Council with local links
  4. http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/health/ms_homeless.htm


  1. http://www.brookings.edu/ ... Brookings Institute research and opinion
  2. http://www.pewtrusts.com ... Pew Charitable Trust
  3. http://www.cbpp.org/ ... center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  4. http://www.epinet.org ... Economic Policy Institute has a great deal of economic data
  5. http://www.grameen-info.org/… Grameen micro banking now bringing people out of poverty around the world
  6. http://www.cjcj.org/ ... Justice Policy Institute reports on Texas prison population
  7. http://www.yeaperson.com/LBJ-Cotulla.html ... Johnson’s remarks in Cotulla where he taught

Housing SROs (Single Resident Occupancy):

  1. http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/homeless/programs/sro/index.cfm ... Federal level information